15 days in jail for sharing this Vladimir Putin’s meme in Russia


Russian president Vladimir Putin ’s government is famous for being publicly anti-LGBT. Years ago he passed on policies which will ban any kind of ‘gay propaganda’ in Russia.


Media sources such as CNN recently informed that the Russian government has determined that it is 100% illegal to spread on social media the meme in which Putin appears wearing makeup and with the rainbow flag as background, alluding to his supposed “in the closet homosexuality”.


Vladimir Putin ’s office declared that the president does not pay much attention to this kind of graphic obscenity. However Moscow’s Justice Ministry has decided to come forward and included the gay meme as part of its “extremist material” records, next to the ones that promotes racism, anti semitism as such. The punishment for those who distribute, retweet or promote the image will be imprisonment for 15 days or a 3,000 ruble fine.  


This decision was taken after a Russian citizen, Alexander Tsvetkov was accused for “spreading the hate” by sharing the image that mocks about Vladimir Putin on his Facebook account.


Tsvetkov however, never step foot on prison or payed a fine, he was sent to psychiatric facility instead. His whereabouts remain unknown until today, situation that has mobilized the LGBT community and those who defend freedom of speech.


This comes along the controversial issue about the concentration camp for gay men in Chechnya that has brought international attention and LGBT rights organization to protest outside Russian embassies all over the world.


It seems Russia has become the eye of the hurricane nowadays for extreme violations on LGBT rights.
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Images credit: jappi.mx

Information via CNN.