Adele & Ellen Play 5 Second Rule


Adele is always down for a fun joke, as we learned with she last appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and pranked a bunch of Jamba Juice employees. In a new segment that was cut for time from the show, the “Hello” singer plays another game, “5 Second Rule,” that’s nearly as enjoyable.

In the game, she and DeGeneres go back and forth trying to name three things that fit into a category in five seconds. Highlights include Adele quickly rattling off “f—, bastard, sh—” when asked about the curse words she often uses when angry, and the three names she has for her lady parts: “Minnie moo, vajayjay, and a pizza.”

“Minnie moo is when you’re describing it to a child, vajayjay is like ‘hey,’ and a pizza is like when someon’s nasty,” Adele explained matter-of-factly.

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