VIDEO: My Boyfriend is Older than My Parents! Age Difference and Dating…


There is a new gay couple on YouTube that has stirred up quite a reaction from the community.   Their names are Wyo and Russ and their channel name is wyo russ on YouTube.   They recently uploaded a video titled “Story Time:  How We Met!  He’s Older Than My Parents!  (28 Year Age Gap)”

You see, that is what everyone is talking about, whether they could date someone that much older than them?    Could you?

The video description reads, “Thank you to all our new and old subscribers.  We have a 28 year age gap and have been together for almost 8 years. This is our story time of how we met. Yes, Chris is older than my parents.”

I spent some time watching a few of their videos and they seem very happy and in love, so I say good for them!   What are your thoughts?  Would you date someone older than your parents?

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