VIDEO: Amy Schumer and Puppies-Two Things We Love!

Hola Mis Amigos… It is I, your fearless Capitáno Américano de la Comedia, Michael Piper-Younie! I’m feeling festive and sassy today because in New York City, Spring has Sprung! And this week (two days ago) marked National Puppy Day! I’ve attached a picture of myself and my puppy co-captain of 10 years, Esmerelda “Ezzie”. This little girl always gives a daily dose of laughter, no question!
So, if you can steal yourself away from looking at that cute face (Ezzie is pretty cute too I guess), I think it is important to recognize that this world is far from perfect, and it can be downright scary these days. Just as with any senseless tragedy, our thoughts, prayers and love go out to the victims and their families in Brussels. Anytime I hear bad news, or see un-needed violence, or experience something that makes me want to run and hide from the world; well, I have that funny face above to lighten my spirits. And, more often than not, she makes me laugh hysterically because of her epic weirdness! Dogs are awesome.  Animals are awesome. Period. Their capacity for joy is unparalleled. Period. They just know how to cut right down to the funny bone… And that’s ok with me!
In honor of are four legged animal companions, I give you this true gem of a sketch, from our friends at Inside Amy Schumer, featuring the brilliant Rachel Dratch.  In ‘Doggie Daycare’, women in NYC drop off their dogs at daycare and compare notes on how unfortunate their pets were before they rescued them…
I hope you enjoyed this Amy Schumer sketch my friends and PLEASE give your puppy, kitten, piglet, otter or bear a big hug from Michael and Ezzie! Oh, and go adopt or foster a loving animal, it will change your life and theirs!
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