Anti LGBT Jehovah’s Witness Video Teaches Audience That Gay People “Can Change”


This anti LGBT video is just one media piece out of a set of footage that will be shown to millions of Jehovah’s Witness followers at conventions across the United States and originally takes its name from the Sodom and Gomorrah Bible story—where the ‘wife of Lot’ is turned into a pillar of salt.

The video features a conversation between followers of this faith where they address Sally’s story, a young girl who walks into a shop and is asked to use a wristband to support a lesbian marathon, but she denies, turning the situation into a very uncomofrtable one when all the women around her start to confront her for not supporting the rally. The men then speak about her courage and recall how when she was younger she used to be “out of track” but was helped to follow the right path.

Okay, enough to say that the visual communication in this video attempts to portray gay people as confrontational ones, they even make them look as grumpy and unhappy people full with prejudices, and that contact experiences with them should be taken with courage in order not to be influenced by their ideas. It definitely aims to tell poeple the being gay is a choice that can be amended whenever people stick with faith to their moral standards.


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