VIDEO: Ashley & Jessica, a Moovz Love Story!


Ashley & Jessica met on Moovz- the LGBT social network, and they sent us a super cute video telling us their story.

Their story begins on May 27th, 2015 when they both created their Moovz account! (Destiny???) Soon each of them realized they have met one of those people who would change their lives forever,  and they never stopped talking.

Their story is really inspiring because it stands for Moovz’s core values such as friendship, kindness and love. In Moovz, we truly believe we can connect people’s hearts and lives; Ashley and Jessica’s story shows us that it is really possible and we want to transmit this spirit to the rest of our community.

Moovz is the place to find incredible experiences, true friendship and of course… LOVE! Check their story out and go to Moovz to connect with amazing people. You never know who you might meet!