Episode 1: Young Drag Queen Called A Booger


Howdy ya’ll!  It is me, Mama Cass and I am here to offer the LGBT youngsters some valuable advice.  Well, even if the advice is not that valuable, it will still be entertaining!

I am so excited to join the “On the Moovz” blog as the LGBT version of “Dear Abby.”   Abby has some really stiff competition now and as any of you that know me, I love a good competition!  The more crowns the better!

I will be answering your questions on a weekly basis.  So don’t be afraid to comment or message me directly with any questions you have about life, love, sex, drag, health, happiness, sadness, puppies, pageants, transgender issues, the cost of gas, rhinestones, performing, coming out, rainbows, unicorns, muff diving, slip and slidin’….okay, I think you get the point!  LOL!

Our first episode of “Ask Mama Cass” is a question from a new queen who keeps getting called a booger.  Check out the video below and see what I had to say about that!  Download Moovz and follow me, click here!

P.S.  I promise to film horizontally the next time!

P.S.S.   Thank you to Dekel for my opener, I love it!