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David Calderon is a content creator, journalist, and social media maven. He studied at the University of Southern Californa and has since worked in film publicity and within the LGBT sector. He's a men's travel, fashion, and lifestyle expert. Most importantly, he's a huge nerd with a love for superheroes, video games, comic books, and the list goes on.

Film Geek Video

VIDEO: Disney Finally Gets Back The X-MEN Franchise

In a whopping $52.4 billion purchase Disney bought 20th Century Fox assets which include the X-Men film franchise! Comic books fans everywhere can finally rejoice because their dreams of finally seeing the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is officially going to happen! In a historic purchase – of a lot of money – Disney has […]

Fitness Health Wellness Lifestyle

Easy Fitness Resolutions For 2018

With 2018 around the corner it’s time to set up reasonable fitness goals that you can maintain throughout the year. We all know the drill. At the beginning of every year you’re highly motivated to get your fitness back on track and every year you start off on the right foot. Then two months into […]

Fashion Lifestyle

FASHION: Style Tips To Look Ace This New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is around the corner and no matter where you are you should dress to impress! If you’re going to get dressed for one event this year it’ll most likely be New Year’s Eve. Most people do various things such as house parties or galas but either way you should be dressing in your […]

Film Geek Video

Avengers: Infinity War Teaser Trailer Review & Thoughts

The Avengers assemble for their hardest fight yet! The Avengers: Infinity War teaser trailer has arrived and it promises to bring monumental changes to the lives of our favorite superheroes and the MCU as a whole. Marvel fans first got a peek at the film back in San Diego Comic-Con and now everyone in the […]

Travel Video

VIDEO: A Visit To Winter Wonderland!

‘Tis the season for major Christmas fun! Winter Wonderland has been spreading the Christmas spirit for over 10 years. Located in London’s Hyde Park this Christmas festival began as an open-air Christmas market and now has grown to encompass over 100 amazing rides for the young and adventurous, Bavarian Villages and festive bars to enjoy […]

Fitness Lifestyle

How To Keep Your Fitness Motivation Up During Winter

With all the winter holidays and the drop in temperatures it’s hard to stay motivated and go to the gym but let’s stop making excuses… We get it – it gets super cold during winter. So cold that you never want to get out of your warm comfy bed and would rather stay under the […]

Fashion Lifestyle

Turtlenecks, The Versatile Piece You Were Missing

If you live in a place where you can actually feel fall and winter – sorry L.A. – then turtlenecks should be in your wardrobe! Turtlenecks seem to have a bad wrap these days. Who knows when and where it started but many men seem to be afraid to wear them. They’re versatile pieces that […]

Travel Video

TRAVEL: Last stop…Innsbruck!

Take a look at Innsbruck, Austria as we finish our Photoshoot in this wondrous city We make our way to Innsbruck, the capital of Austria, for the final location of our Contiki photo shoot. Innsbruck is a famous destination for winter sports and we even get to climb up Nordkette Mountain for some amazing up-top shots […]

Film Geek Video

THOR: Ragnarok Film Review

Ragnarok is upon us!   Thor: Ragnarok’s opening weekend in the US saw it hauling in $121M! Outside the US, it opened to a whopping $306M internationally. Reviews are pouring in that it’s the best Thor film from the entire trilogy and possibly one of the best Marvel films too. Watch our review below to see […]

Film Geek

GEEK: The New Mutants Teaser Trailer Review

There’s something new to fear… The first trailer for Fox’s upcoming X-Men spinoff film, The New Mutants, has proven right off that back that it’s bringing the horror feels into your superhero films. Director Josh Boone is bringing The New Mutants comics to life by placing the young mutants into what eventually becomes a haunted house consisting […]

Travel Video

VIDEO: Watch Behind The Scenes During a Photoshoot In Rome

Visit the capital of Italy as we wander through this ancient cosmopolitan city to take some amazing pictures.  Rome is a city filled with ancient ruins such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. Also, it holds the headquarters of the Roman Catholic Church, Vatican City. The city is sprawling with life, fantastic food, and […]

Beauty Lifestyle

LIFESTYLE: Tips To Combat Dry Skin During The Fall

That chill in the air isn’t going away anytime soon. The sun is setting earlier and the temperature is dropping and before you know it you’ll be covered in layers protecting your skin from the frigid air. During this time of the season is when your skin is more likely to become dry because of […]

Fashion Lifestyle

5 Essential Shoes To Buy This Autumn

Autumn has arrived and it’s time your shoes match the season. Fall is here and it’s time to trade in those flip-flops for proper footwear. See our selections below for the five shoes that every guy should have on their radar to make the most of the autumn season.  . The Monk Strap If you’re wanting to […]

Travel Video

Travel To Prague During a Photo Shoot

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic. During a photo shoot with Contiki I was able to see this wonderful city famous for its Old Town Square and colorful barque buildings. Check out the video below to see Prague for yourself and all the fun we had on our trip in this historical […]

Film Geek

The New X Men Movie: Dark Phoenix, “not too intergalactic”

X-Men fan’s hopes that X-Men: Dark Phoenix would be an epic movie are being squashed. Director Simon Kinberg has given an interview with Total Magazine and stated that “[We must] find a way to ground it so it’s not too intergalactic.” . The original storyline, based on the popular Dark Phoenix Saga in the comics, […]

Lifestyle Travel

TRAVEL: A Day In Monaco – The Luxurious Tiny Country

Monaco is a country of extravagant spectacle compacted with high-rise buildings everywhere you look.  .   Monaco overlooks the crystal blue water of the Mediterranean and is known for its wealth and glamor. With its own royal family and money pouring out of every crevice it’s no wonder that the most wealthiest of people flock here. […]

Lifestyle Travel

TRAVEL: 5 Places In Europe To Visit This Autumn

Summer isn’t over yet but that doesn’t mean you can’t already plan your trip for fall. . Traveling in Europe during the fall means you avoid the summer high season which translates to saving money and time. During the fall, travellers are able to get better deals on flights and hotel prices. An added benefit, travellers will experience shorter […]

Fashion Lifestyle

Men’s Swimwear Becomes Sexy Thanks To Charlie By Matthew Zink

If you’re ready to ditch the old board shorts and jump into bold, brave, and stylish swimwear then it’s time to become a Charlie fan. Charlie was created by New York based designer Matthew Zink. His vision was one where men could indulge in a timeless lifestyle experience. Since its inception, Charlie has grown to include […]