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36 years old Internationalist who manages the LATAM region for Moovz and who is looking to normalize the homosexuality in different societies in order to create a better world.

Moovz Music

MUSIC: The 2018 Valentine’s Playlist! with Love from MOOVZ

This week we had a Moovz activity with all users to celebrate love in all their shapes and presentations. Either you are a Valentines grinch or not, I’m sure that you love music and that you must have at least one favorite love song ( being in love, self love, friendship, broken heart, etc.),  so […]

Entertainment Queens Video

Celebrity Big Brother Finalist Courtney Act Gets Intimate With MOOVZ!

Shane Jenek, better known to RuPaul’s Drag Race fans as Courtney Act, made it down to the Celebrity Big Brother finals last Sunday. Her entrance to the Celebrity Big Brother house was just something, not just because she described herself as a gender queer, pansexual, polyamorous, atheist, feminist and blonde Australian, labels which by the way confront […]

LGBT Moovz Video

VIDEO: Five inspirational moms give out message to the LGBT Community

In Moovz, we decided to celebrate the mothers of people in the LGBT community, and that’s why we made a video in which five Moovz users shared their experiences in the LGBT world,  and the growth process that they shared with their moms.     The video is very emotional, because sons/daughters and mothers opened […]

LGBT Moovz

Moovz celebrates all women who have inspired our community!

The International Women’s Day has arrived, despite some people wondering why women have their own day. It’s true that women should be respected and celebrate everyday of the year, but here in Moovz we want to celebrate! This doesn’t mean we don’t think we should celebrate every day, treat men and women equally. We should […]