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Interview! Meet DJ Oosterhaus from NYC

Meet DJ Oosterhaus from NYC 1. What inspired you to start DJing? I grew up in a strict religious household and wasn’t even allowed to listen to anything but Christian music. I could recite pretty much every lyric to any Amy Grant song on cue. Hahaha. When I came out, I remember going to White […]


“Check Out These Sexy GIFs of Men Kissing! Wow!”

Who doesn’t like a good kiss?! We collected some of our favorite GIFs of men kissing and put them all into one blog! Don’t worry ladies, we will have a blog coming for you soon too! Log onto MOOVZ! You might find someone to kiss too! [

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VIDEO: LADY GAGA is Back with “Perfect Illusion

It’s been 3 years since GaGa released a Pop album. In this new song she proves she can keep reinventing herself!  It also gives me the feel of a  throw back to Pat Benatar and Heart.  To be honest at first I was not sure what to think, but I already can’t get the song […]

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Texas Hunks Pose with Homeless Dogs to Help Them Get Adopted!

Fortunately, for dog and muscles lovers alike, several Texas men in uniform, firemen, cops, and army vets, have teamed up with local rescue pups to make a sexy 2017 calendar for a good cause! The photographer, Ricki Beason, created the annual calendar to raise money for Texas dog rescues. “Heartthrobs and Hound Dogs 2017″ is […]

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Exclusive DJ Interview: DJ GRIND

DJ Grind has been on the scene for a few years now, and has quickly become one of the most recognizable names in the Gay Circuit Scene. He was already a DJ/Producer on the rise when he won the Matinee Las Vegas DJ Contest a few years back, and today he is at the top […]

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VIDEO: Chanel’s Ball Gowns & Ball Gags-Check Out This Beverly Hills Party!

We have your invite to this Beverly Hills party!  Watch the video and see how these West Hollywood stars celebrated Chanel Perillo’s birthday.  Ball gags, leather, lace, oh my! Starring: Chanel Perillo, Carlton Gebbia, Matt Flinn, Sam Childs, DJ Paulo Ramirez, Manila Luzon, Rhea Litre, Marco Morante, August Getty, Johnny Wujek, Markus Molinari, Brandon Bryant, […]


LGBT social network Moovz Backed A Campaign for Equal Rights.

There are never enough initiatives to raise awareness for LGBT issues. That’s what Marcelo Burlon | County of Milan, global fashion designer and brand based in Milan, Italy thought when planning the “Love is Love” campaign. Marcelo Burlon County of Milan T-shirts are an energetic fusion of streetwear influences and daring design, worn by such […]

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Global LGBT Community Comes Together to Support Colombia

Colombia has come a long way when it comes to LGBT rights BUT! Colombia has come a long way when it comes to LGBT rights, but sadly they have taken a step back with the current situation with the education system.  Many people are marching in protest against Gina Parody, Education Minister of Colombia, who […]

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Two White House Staff Members Get Married and Joe Biden Officiates!

Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden officiated a same sex marriage on Monday.   Biden married two White House staffers at the vice presidential residence in Washington, DC. We found out about the wedding via Biden’s twitter, where he showed a photo of himself performing the wedding. The vice president had never performed as […]


PHOTOS: Hillary Rodham Clinton’s Nephew is a Hottie!

There is so much anxiety right now with the up and coming election.   For a second we just wanted to appreciate the cuteness that is Zachary Boxer Rodham?!   He is Hillary’s nephew and isn’t afraid to show some skin!   Zachary and Melania Trump have something in common!  Check out the photos below and […]

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If the Orlando Shooter was Gay, Could He Still Be Homophobic?

There has been much talk  about the Orlando shooter being gay and people are trying to understand what his motivation was and if he was homophobic.   Which has then raised the question:  Can you be homophobic if you are gay?   He seemed like an evil (self hating) homophobe to me, but GLADD responded to these […]

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Stunning Photos of RuPaul’s Drag Con

RuPaul’s Drag Con was a fantasy land that I did not want to leave!   MOOVZ had such a great time teaming up with Producer Entertainment Group and doing a livestream from the event. The livestream (video below) featured many fan favorite queens, such as Alaska Thunderfuck, Fame, Ginger Minj, Jackie Beat, Pearl, Willam, Sharon […]

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Is Chest Hair Officially IN? According to New York Times..YES

Every gay guy always has an opinion on their body hair preference.   It definitely does seem like the gay community has recently embraced body hair and beards.   The New York Times spoke with Christopher Oldstone-Moore, the author of the 2015 book “Of Beards and Men” and a senior lecturer at Wright State University, […]

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EYE CANDY! Colby Melvin & Rodiney Santiago

This behind the scenes video of Colby Melvin and Rodiney Santiago is the true definition of eye candy.  Both of these models have never looked better with their chiseled bodies and gorgeous faces. Colby and Rodiney are both very active on MOOVZ!