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Anti-Gay Activist Arrested for Child Pornography (Yep…Not A Transgender)

Another day and another “Christian” (Lisa Biron) arrested for child abuse.   Guess what?!  I didn’t hear any reports of a transgender person getting arrested today for child abuse.   Oh, and just so you know Lisa Biron is a member of an organization that has been fighting against gay rights for over 18 years. Lisa Biron […]

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Hidden Camera VIDEO: People Refuse to Buy “Gay” Turtles

Yes, you read that title correctly and I can’t even believe it is true, but apparently this happened in Turkey! Watch the hidden video and see how no one in Turkey wants to buy a gay turtle. They only want straight turtles. Because many people from Turkey are clearly homophobic and they are also known […]

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9 Sexy Italian Men Get Naked on Talent Show

This routine will make you want to get naked!  Gabriele Esposito (a ballet dancer) and eight of his sexy friends shocked TV viewers in Italy with a hunky strip tease routine choreographed to Britney Spears’ ‘Get Naked.’ Gabriele gave guest judge Kevin Spacey and the viewers of the hit show, Amici di Maria De Filippi, much […]

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Rainbow Families: These Photos & Video Will Melt Your Heart

 MOOVZ recently released a new hashtag: #family We want the world to see how beautiful and happy these families are, as a way to inspire and open up minds. Here is a collection of some of our favorite photos from rainbow families and a video from two of our most popular MOOVZ users. (Colby Melvin […]

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Ask Mama Cass: Fat Shaming in the Gay Community

Here is the questions I received: Mama Cass, I can really relate to the fat shaming blog that On the Moovz posted last week.  I am a chubby boy and I always feel self conscious, being gay and over weight.  I know that you lost a lot of weight and seem so confident.  Do you […]


Gay Penguins & Gay Lions Say “Fuck You” to Religious Freedom Bills

This past week, two stories about gay animals have been going viral:  Gay Penguins and Gay Lions! The first story that went viral last week was about the cute gay penguins from Berlin Zoo.  Their names are Stan and Olli and they had zero interest in the female penguins.  As time passed the zoo workers […]

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Do Straight People Belong in Gay Bars?

“Weird Questions Gay Couples Get” went viral a few months back, but but recently it has been gaining even more attention since it was uploaded to Facebook. I was reading some of the comments and was actually surprised by how many gay people are upset that straight people are “taking over their bars” and asking […]

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VIDEO: Move over Man Bun, MAN BRAIDING is Hot for Spring

Move over man bun, man braiding is taking over!  Ricardo Lauritzen (our “On the Moovz” Beauty Editor) was on set the other day for the new Cheap Undies product shoot.  A couple of the male models were asking how to man braid their hair.   Apparently this is a new hot trend for Spring and Summer […]

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“Local Queens” Only Make Money Because of Drag Race Girls?

RuPaul Drag Race alumni, Trinity Bonet,  just released a video that speaks to the disrespect that “local queens” give to RuPaul Drag Race girls.   I put the “local queens” in quotation marks because I find it to be a little rude to call anyone who has not been on RuPaul Drag Race a “local queen.”  […]

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The Gay Community Loves to FAT SHAME

Currently there is a photo of Taylor Lautner that shows a thinner Taylor side by side with a photo of him after he gained some weight. The photo reads, “Single Gay vs. Taken Gay.”   The photo meme is going viral with people sharing it and saying it is so funny because “it is soooo true.” […]

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Pop Beef: The Art of Christian Cimoroni

Pop culture and gay perspective furiously smash into each other in artist Christian Cimoroni’s work. The artist and illustrator, based in Columbus, Ohio, manages to make strong commentary on gender identity, masculinity, and the glories of pop culture all while keeping tongue firmly planted in cheek. Sexy, evocative, and fun, Cimoroni has a wide range […]

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Welcome to Pageant Season!

After last weekend’s All American Goddess at Large National Pageant & Miss Florida EOY, we approach another exciting round of national pageantry with Miss Continental Plus & Miss Continental Elite! A pageant changed my life a few years ago…it helped to make me a better entertainer & made me more aware of my professional choices […]

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VIDEO: Can A Gay Man Be Too Feminine?

“Can A Gay Man Be Too Feminine?”   Seems like a pretty stupid question to me, but shaming gay men for being too feminine happens all the damn time!  Moovz stands strong against this type of bullying with our partnership with the “It Gets Better” campaign. It is time we started lifting each other up, rather […]


Easter Eye Candy: The Hunky Bunny Edition

Easter is just around the corner, so I thought it would be fun to bring you a “Top 5 Most Popular Easter Candy” list, with a sexy gay twist!  Check out my top 5 list! 5.  Cadbury Eggs Cadbury Eggs are perfect for Easter because they come from the Easter bunny! 4.  Jellybeans Red was […]

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The Luscious Lifestyle w/ Blake Sterling: Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Hey Guys & Gals~ I’m beyond excited to join the on the On the Moovz blog family and share my tips to living The Luscious Lifestyle with you. My passion for living life in a more beautiful, organized and thoughtful way will influence all that I share. You’ll get a taste of personal tips, tricks […]

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To PrEP or Not to PrEP? Is that a Question?

Hi everyone!  I am excited to write my first blog for On the Moovz, as your Health & Wellness Editor!  I wanted my first blog to be meaningful and timely, so lets talk about PrEP! As an advocate for effective behavioral interventions, I believe that PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is effective in preventing HIV infections. When […]


The Sexiest Guys on Moovz: Part 1

We just found out where all the hot gay men are hiding!  On Moovz and now On the Moovz! OK, to be honest, I already knew that the Moovz app has tons of sexy men posting all the time.  I just wanted you to know too!   So…I  grabbed some quick screen shots of a […]

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The NFL is Now a Gay Ally? Thank You Roger Goodell!

Roger Goodell, chairman of the National Football League is about to become known as a major gay ally. Goodell has an openly gay brother and has decided to take a stand for him and equal rights.  Goodell and the NFL have become allies in gay rights advocates’ efforts to defeat HB 757, the controversial religious freedom […]

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Ricardo’s Beauty Bar: Tone that Blonde Hair!

Nothing brings me more excitement than to finally be starting blogging with On the Moovz!   I will be sharing my tips and tricks that I have learned along my career in beauty.  Everyone in my life has played a major role in shaping me to be the artist that I am and being able […]