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We are so excited to launch On the Moovz!   We are honored to have some really talented and passionate editors that will bring you news updates and original content.   We created this blog to be a voice for the LGBT Community and to support MOOVZ.    If you haven’t downloaded the app, make […]


Study Shows Transgender Kids Are Living Open Lives and Happy!

New research finds that young transgender children who have “socially transitioned” — living their lives under the gender they identify with — had positive mental health outcomes. ‘Crucially important’ research Dr. Ilana Sherer, UCSF Until now, studies had shown significantly higher rates for depression and anxiety in transgender children. Nearly half attempt suicide by age […]


Do Transgender Prisoners Deserve SRA Surgery?

Prisons may no longer be able to deny sexual reassignment surgery to transgender inmates. Transgender Americans have seen slow but steady progress in health insurance coverage for sex reassignment surgery. Unless they’re in prison. That could change soon thanks to the Transgender Law Center and former California inmate Michelle Norsworthy, a transgender woman who was […]