Music Video

VIDEO: Cyndi Lauper Goes Country with “Funnel of Love”

I am not going to lie about it.  I never thought I would say Cyndi Lauper and country music in the same sentence, but I am not really mad about it! Cyndi’s first country album “Detour” comes out on May 6th.   “Funnel of Love”  was originally recorded and made famous in by rockabilly singer  Wanda […]

Fitness Video

VIDEO: Jazzercise Just Got a 2016 Makeover

Cheap Undies continues their colorful dance video series with a video that would even make Richard Simmons smile!   The video will make you want to throw on some bright tights and take a dance aerobics class. It is about time jazzercise made a comeback, don’t you think?  Even Wikipedia agrees: “In 2015, the company began […]


Gloria Vanderbilt Shocks (her son) Anderson Cooper with Lesbian Affair

The mother and son sat down to talk with Jess Cagle, editorial director for People and Entertainment Weekly, and Cooper found himself shocked when his mother admitted she had experimented at a young age. We all know most people experiment with the same sex growing up.   Here is what Gloria Vanderbilt had to say about […]

Comedy Lesbian Video

This Comedic Lesbian Is Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

I’m not sure how familiar you all are with the incredible lgbt talent we have on YouTube. One of my main goals is to broaden your range of knowledge of these talented individuals and serve up some hilarious content at the same time. A YouTube creator that you should absolutely know is Hartbeat. You might […]

Music Video

Jessica Sutta Is Back with New Song and Video for “FOREVER”

Take one part former Pussycat Doll, one part psychedelic body paint, one part dance-hall flavored pop track: Mix them all together, and what do you get? One HOT music video from Jessica Sutta. Everybody loved the Pussycat Dolls. I mean, who doesn’t want to see a group of talented, sexy women singing and dancing to […]

Gay Queens Trans Video

Welcome to Pageant Season!

After last weekend’s All American Goddess at Large National Pageant & Miss Florida EOY, we approach another exciting round of national pageantry with Miss Continental Plus & Miss Continental Elite! A pageant changed my life a few years ago…it helped to make me a better entertainer & made me more aware of my professional choices […]

Gay Health Wellness Video

VIDEO: Can A Gay Man Be Too Feminine?

“Can A Gay Man Be Too Feminine?”   Seems like a pretty stupid question to me, but shaming gay men for being too feminine happens all the damn time!  Moovz stands strong against this type of bullying with our partnership with the “It Gets Better” campaign. It is time we started lifting each other up, rather […]

Comedy TV Video

VIDEO: Amy Schumer and Puppies-Two Things We Love!

Hola Mis Amigos… It is I, your fearless Capitáno Américano de la Comedia, Michael Piper-Younie! I’m feeling festive and sassy today because in New York City, Spring has Sprung! And this week (two days ago) marked National Puppy Day! I’ve attached a picture of myself and my puppy co-captain of 10 years, Esmerelda “Ezzie”. This […]

Music Video

That New Meghan Trainor Got Me Like..

Meghan Trainor dropped her new video this week, and I am slightly obsessed. Could it be the 90’s Destiny’s Child -esque vibe (“Bills, Bills, Bills” comes to mind immediately) that is has? Or maybe what seems to be the “Jumpin’ Jumpin’” DC video tribute in the new video?   Does this new Meghan Trainor track remind […]

Trans Video

ID2P: The Transgender Fight Against Restroom Discrimination

Hi everyone!  I am excited to be your Transgender Community Editor for On the Moovz.  Before I was approached with this role I was already working on the article and video below.  Thank you to Moovz for helping me shine a light on this very important topic. At some point we have all been there, […]

Food Gay TV Video

The Luscious Lifestyle w/ Blake Sterling: Perfect Scrambled Eggs

Hey Guys & Gals~ I’m beyond excited to join the on the On the Moovz blog family and share my tips to living The Luscious Lifestyle with you. My passion for living life in a more beautiful, organized and thoughtful way will influence all that I share. You’ll get a taste of personal tips, tricks […]

Comedy Lesbian Video

VIDEO: How To Hit on Women (Let This Lesbian Teach You)

Hi all! Thanks so much for following On the Moovz. I wanted to kick it off with one of my most recent videos that I think is both informative and absolutely ludicrous. This video was inspired by hundreds of young new lesbians (les-bae’s) that would message me on Tumblr and Twitter and Instagram and ask […]

Gay Health Wellness Video

To PrEP or Not to PrEP? Is that a Question?

Hi everyone!  I am excited to write my first blog for On the Moovz, as your Health & Wellness Editor!  I wanted my first blog to be meaningful and timely, so lets talk about PrEP! As an advocate for effective behavioral interventions, I believe that PrEP (Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis) is effective in preventing HIV infections. When […]

Music Video

Shakira “Try Everything” Music Review

Hello MOOVZ!!!!! I’m so excited that the day has come for my first post as Music Editor for On The MOOVZ Blog! I look forward to sharing the Artists and music that brings our community together! My first review is for Shakira’s “Try Everything.”  Shakira has long been one of the premier Latin performers, with […]

Comedy Queens Video

Look What Kitty Dragged In: Getting to Know Kitty

Well well, Kittens~ I am just as pleased as punch to be joining the On the Moovz blog team, as the Drag Queen Community Editor! As your liaison to the swirling & sparkling world of illusion, I would love to consider & discuss the many styles and faces of DRAG that hopefully will inspire you to […]

Fitness Gay Video

Rodiney Santiago: The Ultimate Battling Ropes Workout

Hi everyone, I am really excited to post my first blog for On the Moovz.  I wanted to teach all of you about ropes, which are one of my favorite workouts. These 12 Battling Ropes Exercise will leave you dripping sweat and begging for mercy! Many people don’t really know how to utilize ropes and […]

Comedy Gay Video

VIDEO: “Men Get Their Back, Sack, & Crack Waxed!” OH MY!

Every gay guy has an opinion on body grooming.  Body hair is a huge topic in the gay community because there are so many differing opinions.  The good news is that no matter what type of body hair you have, there will always be someone who is attracted to your type!   Knowing this is important […]

Comedy Trans Video

Episode 1: Young Drag Queen Called A Booger

Howdy ya’ll!  It is me, Mama Cass and I am here to offer the LGBT youngsters some valuable advice.  Well, even if the advice is not that valuable, it will still be entertaining! I am so excited to join the “On the Moovz” blog as the LGBT version of “Dear Abby.”   Abby has some really […]

Queens Video

Watch the Season 8 Trailer of RuPaul’s Drag Race

RuPaul’s Drag Race might be entering its 8th season (and about to hit its 100th episode), but—from the look of this trailer—the new queens’ engines have yet to lose power. This year’s contestants are: Acid Betty, Bob the Drag Queen, Chi Chi DeVayne, Cynthia Lee Fontaine, Dax ExclamationPoint, Derrick Barry, Kim Chi, Laila McQueen, Naomi […]