PHOTOS! Celebrate 4:20… Sexy Boys Who Smoke Weed!



Today is 4:20 and weed smokers across the globe are celebrating.   The legalization of cannabis seems inevitable for most of the United States in the near future.   This has turned something that used to be considered taboo into a normal daily activity, much like having a cocktail.    But..where does the term 4:20 come from?

The term ‘420’ began its sub-rosa linguistic career in 1971 as a bit of slang casually used by a group of high school kids (known as “Waldos”) at San Rafael High School in California. The term ‘420’ (always pronounced “four-twenty,” never “four hundred and twenty”) came to be an accepted part of the argot within that group of about a dozen pot smokers, beginning as a reminder of the time they planned to meet to light up, 4:20 p.m.

Now that you have had your 4:20 history lesson for the day, we can move on to the fun part!  Check out the hotties below, smoking weed!


Gay smoking weed

hot gay smoking weed

Sexy Boys Smoke Weed

Celebrate 4:20

Gay guy smoking blant

hot gay smoking

gay smoking

gay weed

gay smoking weed

Sexy gay Smoke Weed

Rasta guy smoke weed

420 weed day

Weed smoking

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