This Christmas Season, Show Off your true colours with Celebrate Condoms!

Christmas holidays are just a couple of weeks away and if you are looking for a cute, personal and fun present for those who you care the most, then here it is the best Xmas gift ever: Celebrate Condoms! A new & fabulous rainbow stripped condom to show off your true colours!
 Celebrate Condoms

Traditionally condoms have been super “boring” products, but Tim &  David, founders of “Celebrate Condoms” wanted their first range to reflect a celebration of life and sexuality, and what better place to start than with a Rainbow! They wanted to change the conversation around condoms and bring fun and celebration into the mix. We just love the idea that rainbow coloured condoms celebrate safe sex for everyone and also to celebrate equality in our community… besides, they look amazing on!


The release of Celebrate Rainbow Striped condoms was brought forward to show support of marriage equality in Australia, which by the way it was officially legalized last week! There you go, another reason to ce-le-brate! Anything to help bring some light and joy into the debate is something to be celebrated. At the end of the day, sex is a celebration of life for everyone – regardless of their sexuality, age or beliefs.

Celebrate Condoms

Each pack of Celebrate Condoms contains three fabulous rainbow striped condoms. The unique printing process is on the inside of the condom and uses safe and tested colours. They have even added tropical flavoured lube to complete the experience!

Get a few packs to give out on this Christmas Day, get some for yourself and stay safe!

Click here to buy ’em now —> CELEBRATE LIFE TODAY!




Celebrate Condoms is a small company with a big picture in mind and they believe in a sustainable, ethical and harmonious world.

Celebrate is putting some extra fun into the mix with our unique, world first, super thin latex rainbow striped condoms that are electronically tested and manufactured to the highest international standards.



This is a precious and unique world and together we can make a difference.

A percentage of each purchase of Celebrate condoms goes towards community support projects for homeless youth in Australia and the USA, as well as to non organizations such as AllOut and Planting Peace.


 Try your Celebrate Condoms on and tell us how you #playsafe on MOOVZ, the biggest LGBT social network.