VIDEO: Chanel’s Ball Gowns & Ball Gags-Check Out This Beverly Hills Party!


We have your invite to this Beverly Hills party!  Watch the video and see how these West Hollywood stars celebrated Chanel Perillo’s birthday.  Ball gags, leather, lace, oh my!

Starring: Chanel Perillo, Carlton Gebbia, Matt Flinn, Sam Childs, DJ Paulo Ramirez, Manila Luzon, Rhea Litre, Marco Morante, August Getty, Johnny Wujek, Markus Molinari, Brandon Bryant, Murray Swanby, Bryant Wood, Brad Hammer, Dexter Mayfield, Jordan Shannon, Sam Garfield, Hilary Montez, Natalie Monsour, Beau Byron, Steven Dehler, Anita Cuisine, Nova Cayne, David Ratcliffe, Jared Kahn, Jeffrey Hawkins, Brandon Wilde, Cory Z, and more!

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