Manila Luzon, Willam Belli, and Friends Test Out Moovz New Chat Features!


Moovz has been and will continue to strive to make the application better for all of our users.   You have talked and we have listened!  We just went LIVE on our latest update, so please come check out the new MOOVZ!

Instant Circle Video:  

You can now create a fast video, that is like a GIF, but super easy and fun to make!   I know all of you will love this video feature!

Manila Luzon

Hilarious Emojis:

There is no other app in the world that has emojis like ours!  Death drops, voguing, drag queens, leather daddies, scissoring, ohhhh my!



Sending Location:

This feature always makes it convenient when you are trying to meet up with your friends and/or date!
 group chat moovz

Attach a Video From Your Gallery:

Now you can share the videos from your own library!  You can be naughty or nice!
Attach video from gallery

Photo & Videos:  

You can choose to have them viewed one time or forever and always.  Make smart decisions here!?
Manila lozon
 gay group chat

Voice messaging:

 Sometimes your hands are too full to type, so send a quick and easy voice message!
 Manila Luzon send a voice message
This is the first of what will be many exciting updates on MOOVZ.  Join us, log on now!  Come check out these fun new features on MOOVZ!