China Bans Homosexuality from All Online Content! Unbelievable!


China released a new regulation Friday banning any display of “abnormal sexual behaviors,” whatever in the hell that means!  Apparently in China, this includes homosexuality activities in any online video and audio content.

The regulation, published by the China Netcasting Services Association has strict censorship rules for any online content including movies and documentaries and even cartoons and educational videos!

So….What does this mean?

Content will be edited or even banned if it promotes “luxurious lifestyles,” shows “violent and criminal processes in detail,” demonstrates “obscenity” including masturbation or displays “abnormal sexual behaviors” such as homosexuality.  I can’t even believe in China, they group homosexuality in the same categories as obscenity and violence?   Ridiculous!

“Gay Voice,” a Chinese-language LGBT non-profit magazine, said on social media that homosexuality is just as normal and should not be treated differently. “The false information in these regulations has already caused harm to the Chinese LGBT community — who are already subjected to prejudice and discrimination.

Come on China, get it together!  These bans are completely absurd!  Let us know your thoughts, on MOOVZ #pride