This Comedic Lesbian Is Guaranteed To Make You Laugh


I’m not sure how familiar you all are with the incredible lgbt talent we have on YouTube. One of my main goals is to broaden your range of knowledge of these talented individuals and serve up some hilarious content at the same time. A YouTube creator that you should absolutely know is Hartbeat. You might know Hart because of her Watermelon video that went viral a couple years ago, but what you don’t know is that Hart is a ridiculously talented musician as well as a hilarious comedian and an overall extraordinary human being. Almost all of the music in her videos is self-produced, which is quite a feat considering that all of her videos are also written, filmed, acted and edited by her.

I was first introduced to Hart via this video and I immediately couldn’t stop watching. I went on an hour long binge of her videos and it wasn’t long after my Hart addiction that she had her first video go viral. Following that, she started vlogging regularly on her side channel, Queird. On Queird you can get a very personal look into her adorable and sarcastic sides but all of the content is still deeply infused with her musical and comedic talents.

Without further ado, here is the first video of Hart’s that I ever watched, I guarantee you’ll be hooked after this.


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