VIDEO: Cyndi Lauper Goes Country with “Funnel of Love”


I am not going to lie about it.  I never thought I would say Cyndi Lauper and country music in the same sentence, but I am not really mad about it!

Cyndi’s first country album “Detour” comes out on May 6th.   “Funnel of Love”  was originally recorded and made famous in by rockabilly singer  Wanda Jackson in 1961.   As always Lauper makes the classic song her own, by belting out her signature vocals and making us all want to take the “Detour.”

Cyndi told PEOPLE magazine:

“A lot of songs on this record are from that period of country-western music right before rock & roll came along. I studied a lot of singers, and Wanda Jackson, who originally sang this, was one of the original rock & rollers. I wanted this song to have that live sound, and it does.”

What do you all think?  Are you into Cyndi Lauper’s new country sound?  Check out the video below and let us know on MOOVZ.   #music