Daft Punk Rocked Coachella in 2006 With One Of The Greatest Electronic Music Performances Of All Time


Daft Punk has long been known as one of the biggest Electronic Music groups in the world. Evolving from French house pioneers in the ’90s to 2000s tastemakers to mainstream successes in the 2010s, Daft Punk remained one of dance music’s most influential and iconic acts. The combined talents of Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, the Parisian duo quickly won acclaim for their unique blend of first-wave acid house and techno with pop, indie rock, and hip-hop.

With Hits such as Around The World, Technologic, Harder Better Faster Stronger, and most recently Get Lucky, people around the world have danced to their geniously crafted futuristic tunes.

But in the early 2000’s many people had written them off as has beens, and past their musical Primes. That was until Coachella 2006. Yes, the Festival that dominates the scene for two weeks in Early April was the scene of one of the greatest Electronic Music Performances that anyone had ever seen.

A BBC Documentry recalls the events leading up to Daft Punk’s historic performance, while giving a glimpse into the visual and audio magic that is Daft Punk.