Desserts Without the Guilt


What’s the top question I get from my followers about my food blog? “How do you stay so slim when you make so many yummy desserts”? Well. It’s simple.

A. I bake it and take it (to the office).

B. I’m at the gym 4 times a week. I hate it but I go.

C. I have loads of willpower.

D. I do make some desserts that are healthy so I don’t pack on extra pounds.

Here are five of my favourite healthy sweet treats from my blog

Gluten & Dairy Free Blueberry Breakfast Bars

Let’s start with these blueberry breakfast bars. Pack them with your favourite berries and crunchy pumpkin seeds for a delicious and gluten free treat. They can also be made vegan if you use agave instead of honey. Just a warning: these are pretty addictive.

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Pavlovas with Kiwi and Pistachios

Meringues are one of the best low calorie indulgences to make for dessert. After all, it’s basically a bunch of egg whites whipped with sugar and if you divide up the amount of sugar in each it’s a sweet deal. These are light clouds of deliciousness topped with tart kiwi and crunchy pistachios.

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Cranberry Orange Bran Muffins

Here’s a healthy muffin that will take you from breakfast to snack to dessert. These 12 delicious muffins didn’t make it to the office because I simply couldn’t keep my hands off of them. They are packed with nutritious ingredients and the substitution of applesauce for oil makes them moist and lower in fat.

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Fruit Infused Ice Pops

It doesn’t get any easier than this. These refreshing ice pops are sweetened with fruit, honey and a bit of lime juice for a treat that’s light and not laden with calories.

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Fresh Berry Yogurtini’s

I like sundaes. A lot. But layers and layers of ice cream, sauce, fruits, nuts and of course the whipped cream and a cherry on top won’t do your waistline any favours. There are a ton of calories in a standard banana split but these yogurtinis are light on fat, sugar and are simply delicious. Layer it up in a cool looking martini glass with zero fat yogurt, berries and granola and you have yourself a beautiful healthy treat.

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