Who Are The Hottest Finalists of Eurovision 2018?


Eurovision 2018 is coming to an end and we are very eager to discover who the winner will be. Cyprus and Israel are entailing a close battle to win the competition, but this time we will not focus on which country has the best song, but instead, we will take a close look on whom of the finalists are the hottest competitors of Eurovision 2018.


To begin with, we have this cute blonde from the Czech Republic: Mikolas Josef, who has conquered us with his unique style and dance steps on stage.


This year Portugal’s competitor, Cláudia Pascoal, is definitely one of the most gorgeous finalists in Eurovision 2018. Besides singing like an angel, she looks like one indeed.


Cesár Sampson came all the way from Austria to capture our sight. The handsome vocal interpreter of “Nobody but you” is ranking top favorite when referring to sex appeal.


There is something about Eleni Foureira from Cyprus that resembles her to those beautiful pop singers in music history. Her long hair, her moves on stage and her way while performing, makes her look as a Greek goddess.

We can’t deny that Eugent Bushpepa‘s beard is charming! The sexy singer from Albania captivates us with each of his performances no matter that we do not understand Albanian.


There is no doubt at all that Ieva Zasimauskaitė from Lithuania is one of the hottest finalists of Eurovision 2018. She is stunning, charismatic and she possesses a delirious way of performing.


Amaia & Alfred, from Spain, are a couple in real life. Their romanticism and magic are spread on stage in a sublime and poetical way that makes us feel a little bit jeleaous.

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