#ProudFathers: Celebrating homoparents with an emotional video


Father’s Day celebrations took place yesterday worldwide and we just got too emotional when this video-campaign from Axel Hotels came across our way. The video shows two homoparental fathers with their little one celebrating Father’s Day. Many people in the gay community consider that they may not become the best parents ever, myself included, especially because of the discrimination that such action could provoke in society. But this campaign of the famous LGBT Hotel Chain, has opened my mind within seconds. Come on! Love is love.

Kike Doatis, the creative behind such an emotional campaign, explains that “Although the laws advance little by little, the family is the biggest issue so far when talking about diversity, especially from the advertising environment.” Another argument that we celebrate as well and which has made us reflect is the following stated by Doatis: “It is amazing how the small ones continue to be, from their innocence, those who give the biggest lessons to the world”.


Raise your voice and join the Axel Hotels campaign by sharing this post with the hashtag #ProudFathers. Let’s let the world know that Father’s Day deserves to be celebrated by all with inclusion and without discrimination.

The expansion of Axel Hotels in Europe and its imminent arrival in the United States, has reaffirmed its vision of the world, to build a better future for everyone and thinking on children.

Thank you Axel Hotels for always taking in the LGBT+ community! Happy belated Father’s Day to all those families who struggle against adversity, and live their love day by day.