VIDEO: Can A Gay Man Be Too Feminine?


“Can A Gay Man Be Too Feminine?”   Seems like a pretty stupid question to me, but shaming gay men for being too feminine happens all the damn time!  Moovz stands strong against this type of bullying with our partnership with the “It Gets Better” campaign.

It is time we started lifting each other up, rather than knocking each other down!  Davey Wavey just brought back to life his video “Too Gay, No Way.”  It is an important message, so help us by sharing it!

“TOO GAY?  NO WAY” by Davey Wavey

Some people comment that I’m too gay

And to them, this is what I have to say

If you skip and you dance

If you sing and you prance

If you cut hair or make dresses

Or pick up after messes

If you can’t change your oil

Or like Broadway and Susan Boyle

If you only watch sports

For bulging muscles in tight shorts


So be it because

Each of us are created to be the person we are

And to not be yourself is a lie and bizarre

I understand your hesitations

In a world so full of generalizations

But it’s not your job to coward and hide

Or cover up what’s burning inside

Life is too short to be anyone else

So stand up tall and tighten your belt

Kick up your heels and lift up your chin

Hold your head high and smile and grin

I will lisp with limp wrists

And I’ll strut and I’ll sway

Because my dear friend

There is not such thing as “TOO GAY”

In a land with such darkness

Let your flame burn bright

You light up the world