The Gay Community Loves to FAT SHAME


Currently there is a photo of Taylor Lautner that shows a thinner Taylor side by side with a photo of him after he gained some weight.

The photo reads, “Single Gay vs. Taken Gay.”   The photo meme is going viral with people sharing it and saying it is so funny because “it is soooo true.” I have a question for all of you. What if you are single (gay) and look like the heavier Taylor?  Or better yet, what if you are single (gay) and you weigh more than the “fat” version of Taylor. Do you have any friends that are not perfectly in shape?  How do you think that makes them feel?

Memes like this make our gay community look completely superficial and shallow.  We all love to look at sexy muscular men, but there is no reason you need to fat shame people who don’t fit this perfect mold.  The gay community needs to be held responsible for their continued fat shaming and start accepting our LGBT brothers and sister of all shapes and sizes.

MOOVZ has created a hashtag for this very reason, to spread awareness, and to let everyone know to love themselves. #bodypride on MOOVZ is moderated by the very inspirational and talented Dexter Mayfield.   (see the video below)

Dexter explained to On the Moovz, “Unfortunately, body shaming is a problem in the LGBT community.  As a community and as a whole, we claim to fight for the cause of progress and acceptance of everyone outside our community.   Then in the same breath, we do not want to acknowledge the fact that stigmas exist, such as body shaming or racial “preference.”  Yes, it is great to have a good sense of humor, but we tend to cross that line of hypocrisy in everyday life.”

If you want to share memes that can potentially hurt and bully others, then go ahead.  We have decided to take a different route and hope some of you will join us!   Log onto MOOVZ and upload a photo of your body and #bodypride  Everyone will be loved and appreciated, the way that it really should be!