10 Gay Halloween Costumes for 2016! Which One Is Your Favorite?


10.  Sexy Unicorn:  It doesn’t get gayer than a unicorn and the guy in this pic is clearly having a great time!

gay Sexy Unicorn

9. Batman & Robin:  A traditional gay love story that will always turn heads!

gay Batman and Robin

8.  Bert & Ernie:  This one could be a bit controversial, but if you make it “sexy” it is hilarious!

gay Bert & Ernie

7. Genie w/ Big Lamp:  Maybe it’s the guy in this pic that sold it for me?  This costume is a great way to get felt up!  LOL

gay Genie with Big Lamp6. Village People:  You and your friends can be sexy “everything” and these are easy costumes to put together.

Village People5.  Mario & Luigi:  I have no clue why this is so hot, but it is!

gay Mario and Luigi4. A Gay Priest & Dr. Frank-N-Furter:  A random pairing, but hilarious and great!

A Gay Priest and Dr. Frank-N-Furter3.  Clowns:  The clown craze (in the US) was bananas this year, so why not play into the fun?

gay Clowns2. Priscilla Queen of the Desert:  A gay cult classic about drag queens and a broadway show, doesn’t get much gayer!

drag Priscilla Queen of the Desert1.  Pokeman:  You can make this cute or sexy and I can’t wait to see how everyone interprets their version of this character!

gay Pikachu

BONUS:  We had to include these two adorable MOOVZ users!  Idan & Maor!

Idan matalon and maor loz