VIDEO: The gay short film that Putin does not want you to watch


Hey Mooverz! Here we brought you an amazing and brand new gay short film! Its title is “No place like home”, directed by David Velduque. It tells the story of Niko, a boy that has lived his sexuality completely free in Spain and suddenly is forced to return to his home country in Eastern Europe because of his mom’s sickness. When he arrives back home, he realizes the true and infamous story behind his return.



This is a truly sad story about discrimination and the so called methods for conversion that a lot LGBTQ people still suffer around the world, mostly in the Middle East and other countries like in Russia where homophobia has increasingly grown and is fully supported by its government.


“The main goal of this short film is that the spectators get into the skin of Niko” -Says Velduque- “…so the people will experience the actual situation that a lot of LGBT persons are living in different countries”. This is very easy because during the first minutes you fall in love of Niko without even imagining the tragic ending of this story.


Its really sad to know that there are a lot of LGBT people who are being forced to these conversion practices, and mostly pushed by their own families; just like in this gay short film ’s story.


Personally I believe that even though there is a cultural matter around this, it also entails an ignorant and religious manipulation subject. This is why today there are still people who attempt against the integrity and freedom of the LGBT community, like the  ones running those anti-transgender buses, the anti-gay concentration camps or those who murder gay people members of their own families.

The fight shouldn’t just be for our visibility, but also to educate society so they can open their hearts to compassion, happiness and love.


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