VIDEO: I am Gay, But I am Not….(Not All Stereotypes are True!)


BuzzFeedVideo recently released a video that examines the stereotypes of gay men.  The video features a variety of gay men who explain they do not fit into specific gay stereotypes.  For example, the men say things such as:

  • “I am gay, but I don’t want to have relations with heterosexual men, nor do I want to convert them”
  • “I am gay but I am not promiscuous”
  • “I am gay, but I am not interested in your other friend, simply b/c he is gay too”
  • “I am gay but I don’t know anything about Madonna or Lady GaGa”
  • “I am gay, but I don’t want to dress like a woman, nor do I feel like a woman”

This is a great video to share on your social media, to let straight people know that no all gay men are the same. DUH!

Speaking of gay men, there are LOTS of them, on MOOVZ!