Gay Couple Needed Money for Surrogacy and Moovz Helped them Reach the Goal!


Yesterday we posted a blog about a gay couple who was trying to raise enough money for surrogacy to start a family.

Moovz was inspired by this couple’s struggle to come up with the money, so we decided to help out by posting their story to our 2 million users world-wide, asking for our community to make donations.

We are THRILLED to announce in less than 24 hours after our posts, they have made their goal!  The couple raised over their 150k NIS goal!  Wow!

Thank you to all of the Moovz users world-wide that donated!  It is such a beautiful thing to see our community coming together to help this loving couple out!

If you still want to donate, you can watch the video below, then click HERE.   

We will keep you updated on the couple’s journey on MOOVZ #family