Hidden Camera VIDEO: People Refuse to Buy “Gay” Turtles


Yes, you read that title correctly and I can’t even believe it is true, but apparently this happened in Turkey!

Watch the hidden video and see how no one in Turkey wants to buy a gay turtle. They only want straight turtles. Because many people from Turkey are clearly homophobic and they are also known to be Transphobic as well.

Homosexuality has been legal in Turkey for over 150 years – but LGBT people still face a strong stigma, and have little legal protection or rights.

Uluslararası Af Örgütü Türkiy (Amnesty International Turkey) set up a stunt at a pet shop in the country, to show people’s bizarre reactions.

If people are this against “gay turtles” you can imagine how they treat gay people.  I hope this experiment will makes the rounds in Turkey and show just how completely obnoxious their process actually is.   Wake up people!  It is 2016!

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