Look What Kitty Dragged In: Getting to Know Kitty


Well well, Kittens~

I am just as pleased as punch to be joining the On the Moovz blog team, as the Drag Queen Community Editor!
As your liaison to the swirling & sparkling world of illusion, I would love to consider & discuss the many styles and faces of DRAG that hopefully will inspire you to greater creative freedom, and present a more open platform of professional support to our community.
Pageant Queens, Bar Queens, Cabaret Queens, Queens that ride on Pride Floats, Queens that turn a great brunch (gotta admire Day Drag!), Queens that are going FIRST TIME IN DRAG AT A BALL…let’s talk about what inspires YOU! What excites you about the current culture, and the future of Drag?
I want to hear your thoughts!
Now remember, I love a good REEEEEEEEAD…but leave that for Facebook HAHA! Let’s have fun with On the Moovz, AND keep it classy!
Here is a little impromptu Q&A that was thrown at me while filming blog bios with a few fellow (lovely) “Moovzers”…FOR YOUR CONSIDERATION: I totally bombed! LOL
Let me try this again LOL!  Who are your favorite Drag Performers, and who are you favorite Trans performers?
The moment I heard the question, I totally froze…there are SO MANY!!! How could I possibly begin to even go into that on a time crunch?!
Despite what I say on the video (SMH)…the biggest inspirations to me as a drag performer would have to be…I’ll keep it short…in no particular order:
Mercedes Tyler, my Drag Mother 
Maya Douglas
Monica Munro
Bianca Del Rio
Logan Hardcore
Joey Arias
There are so many more that I could name, but these amazingly talented & incredibly diverse individuals are particularly who played a direct roll in shaping the performer that is Kitty Hiccups today.
Who inspired you to be the performer you are today? Share with us, and stayed tuned for much more and follow me on Moovz!  Click HERE.