Moovz Releases The First Ever LGBT Group Chat!!


Moovz has once again become a pioneer in the LGBT application world.

Moovz just recently released a new update that includes some really exciting new features for chatting.  There is a group chat feature that has never been used on any other LGBT app…ever!  This group chat allows people from all over the world to connect and chat about specific LGBT topics. Moovz’s group chat feature is already being utilized by tens of thousands of LGBT people.  Members of the Moovz community are discussing anything from travel plans to dating, entertainment, local hangouts,  and so much more!  In fact, over 500 groups were created, with 10,000 people joining them, in the first 48 hours!

Moovz has quickly become one of the largest social media networks with over 2 million LGBT users.  They just released a video (see below)  that explains the new chat group features and has guest cameos by Detox, Shangela, Idan Matalon, Manila Luzon, Santiago Pineda, Willam, Victoria Kolkova and many more!  Download Moovz and join the fun!


You can create your own group chat! Love this!


Moovz even has their own LGBT inspired EMOJIS.  They are hilarious!

Jump inside your very own video bubble! So cool!

group chat

Show off your sexy voice, with voice messages!
group chat

Send a photo that can only be viewed once!
group chat

It’s so exciting to share your photos with the groups!

group chat

And…of course you can send regular videos too!
group chat