Commemorating Harvey Milk Day


Harvey Milk was a prominent gay activist during the twentieth century. He ran for office three times before becoming the first openly gay person elected into California public office where he acted as a city supervisor in1977-1978. He was murdered by Dan White, a former colleague of the Board of Supervisors whose politics often clashed with Milk’s.


His life and political career embody the rise of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) civil rights movement in the United States. While in office, Milk worked to pass on a gay rights ordinance and defeat Proposition 6, commonly known as the Briggs Initiative, which would have banned gays and lesbians from teaching in public schools. Milk encouraged LGBT people to be visible in society and believed in achieving social equality.


Eventhough Harvey Milk Day is not a public holiday in the USA, it is an observance day that celebrates the achievements of the American activist.

Harvey Milk Day


May 22nd, Harvey Milk’s birthday is marked as a special day of significance and of course we in Moovz want to commemorate him as well.


In California, Harvey Milk Day is recognized since 2009 by the state’s government as a day of special significance for public schools, therefore many public schools and other educational institutions conduct commemorative projects, events and activities in memory of Harvey Milk.


From a global perspective, the Harvey Milk Foundation organizes a series of worldwide events to commemorate his day hightlightning topics such as equal rights  to end the discrimination against the LGBT comunity.


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