HIV Positive People Get Insulted in these Hurtful Grindr Chats


The HIV Foundation in Queensland recently released a video that shows real-life exchanges from mobile dating app Grindr as a way to send a powerful message of awareness and spotlight the HIV stigma and its effects on the LGBTI+ community. It is really unbelievable the hurtful things that people will say on Grindr.  First of all people need to be more compassionate and second of all they need to become more educated because this video is so disgusting and sad.

Grindr users say things like,  “What the fuck’s wrong with you? Why are you on here with your disease?” asks one Grindr user, despite being told they’re on HIV medication, while another says: “Go and spread your disease with some other poor fucker.”

Simon Connor, executive director of Queensland Positive People, says: “Stigma is a barrier to people getting tested and seeking treatment and can potentially be more damaging than the virus itself.”

Thank you Simon for bringing attention to this major issue in the gay community.  Moovz is a safe place for everyone in the LGBTQ community, we even have a hashtag (#playsafe) dedicated to HIV awareness, HERE. 
Watch the video below: