Anti-Gay Activist Arrested for Child Pornography (Yep…Not A Transgender)


Another day and another “Christian” (Lisa Biron) arrested for child abuse.   Guess what?!  I didn’t hear any reports of a transgender person getting arrested today for child abuse.   Oh, and just so you know Lisa Biron is a member of an organization that has been fighting against gay rights for over 18 years.

Lisa Biron was arrested on federal child pornography charges after allegedly taking a teenager to Canada where she reportedly convinced the girl to engage in sexual activity and let it be filmed.

Biron, a Manchester, N.H., lawyer associated with the Christian litigation group, Alliance Defending Freedom, was arrested by FBI agents on Friday morning on charges of transportation with intent to engage in criminal sexual activity,possession of child pornography and five counts of sexual exploitation of children, according to the Concord Monitor.

According to Biron’s Facebook page she is “a lawyer in Manchester and a torch-bearer of religious freedom. Biron graduated from Milford High School in 1987 and received a degree in business from Hesser College in 2001.”

Check out some of her Facebook status updates:

“Bible is the only truth. And all laws should be based on Bible. I am acting in love with my beliefs and I know my religion. We shared a loving relationship. I need nobody’s approvals.”

“Molesting someone and giving love to someone and giving freedom of loving to someone are two different things. Giving love and freedom are not equal to molestation.”

“Be amazing every day of your life. Love the people around you – it all comes back”

Talk about delusion!

Support each other and together we can hopefully rid the world of these crazy hypocrites.   Moovz is here to support.