ISIS Behead Young Boy for Listening to “Gay” Music”


ISIS believes pop music is responsible for ‘debauchery’ and ‘promoting homosexuality’.
Just when you think it couldn’t get any worse, Islamic extremists have beheaded a young boy for listening to pop music.

Ayham Hussein, just 15, was found listening to his portable compact disc player in a shop owned by his father in an open-air market in western Mosul, Iraq.

He was taken by the members of the jihadist group and was beaten.

Ayham was tried at a local sharia court, where he was found guilty for the ‘crime’ of listening to Western pop music.

ISIS, or Da’esh, believes pop music is responsible for making people depraved, evil and gay. The extremists believe gay people are the ‘worst of creatures’.

According to a source, who told Kurdish media, the boy was ‘executed by beheading in a town square in the center of the city’.

It is believed the execution angered people living in Mosul, with some holding a vigil at the home of the victim’s family. It is unlikely, given the power the group holds over large swathes of Iraq and Syria, that this will end or even change their reign of terror.