Israel’s Air Force shows LGBT inclusiveness on Family Day


This past weekend Family Day was celebrated in Israel, and the country’s Air Force (IAF) decided to post in their official Facebook page some pictures to portrait and support all types of modern Israeli families who have served in their units. Out of the pictures they published, one took the attention of the entire site making it a trending topic along social media. This picture presents, Capt. Adir Gabbai with his husband Dean sharing a cheerful moment with their dog; the couple recently got married after being dating for eight years since they met while serving in the same Air Force unit.


The Israel Air Force posted this picture in order to express their support for all the Israeli families who are part of their ranks including same-sex couples. It was not surprise that quick reactions in social media would stand in favor and against this post, but most of them showed support and respect to the Air Force on deciding to speak out their inclusive views towards the LGBT community. After a while, and due to a few negative expressed reactions , the IAF stated that in their view ‘everyone is equal and we all are a big family’ fully strengthening their position.


The post was celebrated by the LGBT community in Israel and it was a big opportunity to show to the world how liberal and open the Jewish State is becoming with them. Still marriage equality is not a reality, Israel openness to LGBT rights and support are known to be one of the strongest  in the world since it hosts one of the biggest prides around the globe. Not to mention that its largest city, Tel Aviv is home to an important LGBT community, and it is considered to be an extremely  ‘gay-friendly’ city, where a very diverse cultural scene can be pinned out. Yes right in the spot of the Middle East!



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