Janet Jackson Pregnant & 50 Years Old!


In Just a few days Janet Jackson will celebrate her 50th birthday and the rumor is she will also be celebrating the fact she is pregnant with her first child?!

Jackson, who is married to Wissam Al Mana, postponed her tour last month so that she could start a family.

“I thought it was important that you be the first to know. My husband and I are planning our family, so I’m going to have to delay the tour,” Janets Jackson tweeted.

I guess she was not joking around when she said she wanted to start a family.   She started it real quick and did not waste any time.  Well, other than the fact that she is 50 years old!   If the sources are true, we wish Janet and the baby nothing but health and happiness.  BUT!  Jackson has not confirmed the pregnancy as of yet, so we’ll see!

All you Janet fans, come over to MOOVZ and #family