On Sunday night, Justin Timberlake won the iHeartRadio Music award for Song of the Year for “Can’t Stop the Music.”


During his acceptance speech, Justin Timberlake gave a message for LGBTQ youth, but that address was cut out!

Don’t worry though, we know exactly what he said,

“If you’re gay, or you’re lesbian, or you are trans, or maybe you’re just a sissy singer boy from Tennessee — anyone who has treated you unkindly, it’s only because they’re afraid or they have been taught to be afraid of how important you are. Because being different means you make a difference. So, fuck ‘em.”

It’s really refreshing to have a straight man as an ally for our LGBTQ youth.   Thank you Justin Timberlake for your words of support.    Check out the video below and log into Moovz for more music updates, HERE.