Meet Kate McKinnon: SNL’s First Openly Lesbian Performer!

Top of the Morning to My On The Moovz Family… Oh Happy Day, we are up and running! I hope everyone has been to the store, bought their adult Pampers, and are sitting comfortably so we can get our funny on. I plan on bringing you a daily dose of laughter in the form of videos, stories, GIF’s, etc. Along with these hilarious videos that are out there on the inter-webs, I plan on sharing with you some of my videos I have done over the years, as well as new original content that our readers would like to see from us here at Moovz. I want to hear from you all as well. If you saw something that made you laugh so hard that your wig fell off, let me know! I am your guide in this journey and we are in it together. All aboard!
So, for our first post, I wanted to share one of the funniest sketches of the year on SNL; featuring our lesbian sister in comedy, Kate McKinnon.  Kate is the first openly gay woman on Saturday Night Live and, well, she’s been killing it! She is quickly becoming one of my top three spirit animals… Along with her former co-star, my best friend (she’s not aware) Kristen Wiig. But today is about my burgeoning friendship with Kate. So today I leave you with ‘Close Encounter’, a brilliant sketch from the folks at SNL and my buddy Kate SLAYING IT! Sit back, relax, and prepare to pull a muscle from laughing…

Lastly, let’s remember to laugh and be silly, just not at someone else’s expense. It is the time we build our community up and show the world how classy we are… And how FUNNY! Now is the time that we can come together through, respect, love, and some seriously FUNNY S#@T!  You all are beautiful and I can’t wait to chuckle, giggle, and more with all of you!  For even more of my shenanigans, follow me on MOOVZ!

Live Love Laugh,
Michael Piper-Younie
P.S. Each week I will post a ridiculous video dedicated to our Editor-In-Chief, Brad Hammer… So Brad, our fearless leader, here is a commercial for ‘David’s Pizza’ on West HAMMER Lane. Boom. Mic Drop. Until tomorrow my lovelies!