Kiev presents the world’s biggest rainbow to celebrate diversity


A monument for unification and diversity

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine decided to celebrate diversity by presenting the worlds biggest man-made rainbow during this year’s Eurovision event, which will take place in this Eastern European City.

The Peoples Friendship Arch which was built back in 1982 as a symbol of the unification between Russia and Ukraine in the Soviet Union, is now been painted with the colours of the pride flag just in time for  this year’s Eurovision theme: “Celebrate Diversity”.


The 60 meter (diameter) installation will be renamed The Arch of Diversity, and will become the biggest artificial rainbow worldwide.


The response on having this diversity friendly monument has been mostly positive, and there have been many discussions on social media with mixed reactions. However, the organizers of The Kiev Pride are just as thrilled as many people are, because the pride’s 2017 logo shows that same arch painted with the colours of the LGBT pride.

However, the monument wont remain multicoloured forever; it will go back to its original grey color after the Eurovision event comes to an end. Nevertheless, Ukrainians celebrate this symbolic step on LGBT recognition in a region known not exactly to be a gay friendly spot.


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