Lady GaGa Voted as “Ultimate Diva” for the LGBTQ Community


Congrats to Lady GaGa on being crowned the “Ultimate Diva” for the LGBT Community!   Almost 20,000 Moovz users from all of the world voted and Lady GaGa kicked some major ass with 42% of the votes!   The complete results were:

Gay Divas

Moovz recently added polls as part of their new features this past month.  The popular LGBTQ app has over 2 million users world wide, which lends an opportunity to be a real voice of the community.  We wanted our first big poll to be something light hearted and fun and one thing the LGBTQ community loves is music!  So, we decided to create a contest and crown the “Ultimate Diva for the LGBTQ Community!”

There were two semi final rounds, the first round results were:

LGBT Divas


The second round of results were:

LGBT Divas


Which put Whitney, GaGa, Madonna, and Adele in the finals.   The results were actually pretty shocking, but LGBT community has spoken and they have made it very clear.   Lady GaGa is the “Ultimate Diva” for the LGBT Community.

Congrats GaGa!


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