Lady Gaga’s “A Star is Born” Film is causing major Oscar Buzz!


“A Star is Born” featuring Bradley Cooper and LGBT fan favorite icon Lady Gaga has been the most anticipated film of the season. The story follows the relationship between a rock star and a struggling artist.


Gaga has blown away the critics and reviews on her perfomance debut as an actress, not to mention the music composition is generating major Oscar buzz for the film.  She has stated that have “…have taken off her wigs and make-up and have gone to an earlier stage of her life has been a wonderful experince…”, she is also grateful for having worked with an actor such as Bradley Cooper, who she considers a life director since he has taught her so many things in this new journey on her career.


Gaga has also stated that having perfomed such a character made her feel connected to what it was for her back in the years when she dreamed to become a worldwide celebrity and when she was bullied for having those dreams, and that it is the way it also happens for so many American girls who dream to be on the show business.


A Star is Born soundtrack is already #1 on iTunes, the music is just so majestical! “Shallow” the most iconic song of this film has blown people’s hearts due to the emotional piece of art that the song stands for.



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