If These Legendary Queens Were on Drag Race…. Who Would Win?


I have always wondered what would happen if the following queens were in a television drag competition.   It would not be called RuPaul’s Drag Race because she would be competing too!  Isn’t that an interesting thought?

Yes, I know some of these divas have passed and some are transgender, that is not the point.  Because guess what?  This show doesn’t really exist and I wanted to include everyone.

I just did this for fun and to spark up some conversation.  If you can imagine these queens competing against each other, it would be pretty damn genius.

Who would be the first to go?

Who would make top three?

Who would win Miss Congeniality?

Who would be the “bitch” of the show?

Who would win?  RuPaul or ?

Again, all just for fun!  I am curious to hear who you think would make for some good television?

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1.  Lady Bunny

2.  Jackie Beat

3.  Divine

4.  Erica Andrews

5.  RuPaul

6.  Amanda LePore

7.  CoCo Peru

8.  Chi Chi Larue

9.  Tandi Andrews

10. Maya Douglas

11. Tommie Ross

12.  Tandi Iman Dupree

13.  Joey Arias

14Carmella Marcella Garcia

15.  Sherry Vine