VIDEO: How To Hit on Women (Let This Lesbian Teach You)


Hi all! Thanks so much for following On the Moovz. I wanted to kick it off with one of my most recent videos that I think is both informative and absolutely ludicrous. This video was inspired by hundreds of young new lesbians (les-bae’s) that would message me on Tumblr and Twitter and Instagram and ask me “I’m gay but how do I hit on a woman??”

So in this video, I answer that question, kind of.  I mean, I tried to answer that question… but it’s such a hard question to take seriously. I ended up cutting all of the parts where I answered the question honestly, it was too boring. But if you want to know the secret, just be yourself. You spend 24 hours a day with yourself, you must know 1 or 2 things about you that make you interesting. Capitalize on those things and just let the conversation flow from there. You can do it!

Feel free to comment any advice that you have or pickup lines you think I missed!  I am on Moovz!  To download the app and shoot me message, click here!