LGBT Community is Proud of Ireen Wust and her 10 medals


Dutch athlete Ireen Wust won her fifth gold medal in the 1500 meters speed ice-skating at the 2018 Winter Olympics Games, summing up a total of 10 medals in her record.


Ireen Wust


At 31 years old, she is still the speed goddess at the Winter Olympics, leading a golden road path from Turin 2006, Vancouver 2010, Sochi 2014 and now in Pyeongchang.


“I feel very happy and I still can’t believe it,” she stated. “For me, it’s just incredible.”


Wust, who in 2017 announced a relationship with Letitia de Jong, became another athlete who openly represents not only her country, but the whole LGBT community.


Ireen Wust y su novia

Now, with her last triumph at 1500 meters, she has become the Olympic leader of all time in her expertise league.


I recommend you to follow her history a little and to know more about her, because she is a woman that we should be proud of. In Holland it is considered the royalty of speed skating and the most successful in the winter Olympics.


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