LGBT social network Moovz Backed A Campaign for Equal Rights.


There are never enough initiatives to raise awareness for LGBT issues.

That’s what Marcelo Burlon | County of Milan, global fashion designer and brand based in Milan, Italy thought when planning the “Love is Love” campaign.

Marcelo Burlon County of Milan T-shirts are an energetic fusion of streetwear influences and daring design, worn by such names as Justin Bieber, Khloe Kardashian, Naomi Campbell and Cristiano Ronaldo to name but a few.

Taking action, he partnered with Rome’s Red Cross and Gay Center. They are working together to create the first Reception Centre to fight isolation of young LGBT people. The project will be held in a family-house in the city of Rome. The Red Cross’s effort to defend and protect exposed people is constant, overall when it comes to social exclusion due to sexual difference.

“We created Moovz as a safe space for the LGBT community to express themselves freely and we want to support County of Milan in doing the same. A top fashion brand is taking a step forward on LGBT issues and we celebrate that. We will do everything in our hands to spread the message driving the ‘Love is Love’ campaign” says Oriol Pamies, VP Business Development at Moovz.

Marcelo Burlon said: “Love is Love” is a t-shirt different from others and stands for a cause we care a lot about. Love is love, without any difference, and we proudly stand for it”.  Due

Both brands envision a future in which the whole LGBTQ+ Community is united and integrated as one, without discrimination, hate or exclusion.

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