“Local Queens” Only Make Money Because of Drag Race Girls?


RuPaul Drag Race alumni, Trinity Bonet,  just released a video that speaks to the disrespect that “local queens” give to RuPaul Drag Race girls.   I put the “local queens” in quotation marks because I find it to be a little rude to call anyone who has not been on RuPaul Drag Race a “local queen.”  I am old enough to remember that even before RuPaul Drag Race there were many queens who traveled around the WORLD performing.  Queens like Lady Bunny, Jackie Beat, Sherry Vine, Joey Arias, Mistress Formika, Lypsinka, CoCo Peru….to just name a few.

The most controversial statement (I would guess) in Trinity’s video was her saying that the “local queens” should pretty much thank the Drag Race girls for the tips they make.   Again, I am pretty sure drag queens were filling up bars and making money, before RuPaul’s Drag Race came along.

I am not expert in this topic though, so I will give you another view point from Phi Phi O’Hara, and let you watch the video and decide for yourself!   (see below)

Phi Phi O’Hara responded on Facebook by saying, ” Sorry not sorry…..but I 100% DISAGREE with this video Trinity. DEAR LOCAL DRAG QUEENS…..please please please do not think ALL drag queens feel this way. I LOVE working with local queens and look forward to traveling the world to meet local queens, I have NEVER had a problem with any local queen or felt their was shade thrown by a local queen! I also find it to be ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS to say “You made money (tips) during your performance because of me!” My jaw literally dropped when she said this…..I don’t care what queen is booked that night but any tip or dollar earned is because that specific queen earned it…..not because some entitled drag racer feels she did you a favor by telling people to tip you. DON’T EVER feel that way! Also, yes when it comes down to booking fees, yes, drag racers do make more, but for a reason, it is a business and it is considered an investment not only for the club but for hopefully the promoter as well that a name that has a little more following due to a TV appearance will put more people in the seats to make a profit, it is and always will be that way for ANY special quest whether it be drag race or not. I am embarrassed to hear a fellow drag racer speak like this and please…again….know that we all DO NOT FEEL THIS WAY! Thank you to each and every person, especially local queens for always being so kind and making every appearance I make, no matter where in the world, a positive and loving one! I respect you all!

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Here is the video that has sparked up this conversation: