VIDEO: LOVE! We Found Something to Lift Your Spirits.. Take a Minute to Watch, You Won’t Regret It!

Love is Love!  Right now we could all use a break from the madness the elections have brought into our lives.  Take a minute to watch this video that will leave you full of LOVE.  The video is by social media star Idan Matalon, features Arno Diem, and is set to music by Eliran Luzon.   Idan explained his concept:
“I think that one of the most beautiful things in life is those small happy moments with those people that we love and get connected with/ those people that makes us being happy. sometimes people forget to enjoy the moment, and thinking about the past or planning too much the future instead of feeling the present, feeling the moment. I wanted to make people feeling connected to their present and to those people that they love (not necessary boyfriend).
Personally I’m very connected to the latin community and wanted to give them hope. they are many LGBT people that are still in the closet, in far villages, they wanna feel connected, they wanna feel themselves. in the video you can really feel that love is love, no matter the orientation. “
Thank you Idan for helping us escape for a minute.   Everyone check out the video below and share the LOVE on MOOVZ.